I have been building Web sites for 12+ years. I was an account manager at an advertising agency for several years before I went out on my own. By working with grueling timelines and demanding clients, I learned a lot about how to conduct myself and manage projects.

I have continued to grow by sticking to a few core principles:



Personal Attention
I realize that your site is a big deal to you.  When I take on a project it becomes a big deal to me too.  My passion is creating unique, timely solutions for customers.  You won’t get forced into a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solution that takes you down the wrong road.  I follow a time-tested process that produces high-quality results, yet leaves ample flexibility for achieving those results.  I know that clients are eager to know how things are going, so I strive to regularly communicate with clients through each step of the process.

Technical Excellence
I don’t cut corners.  I would rather spend more of my time to get it right than to do something halfway.  I invest a great deal of time in keeping current with new techniques, industry trends and best practice techniques.  The sites I design will load quickly, reflect a professional, classy design and make it very easy for visitors to use the site.

Low Overhead
I bring a tremendous value because I am typically able to offer these services at a rate that is lower than my competitors.  I don’t strive to be cheapest, but because I keep my costs to a minimum, I am able to offer bids that fit into most clients’ budgets.

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