New Site is Live!

After years of comtemplation, the new version of Doug Rider Consulting has launched!

I began thinking of a new design a couple of years ago.  I started working on a new logo that would better reflect my business.  I went through tons of ideas that were trash-worthy.  Then, suddenly, one day as I was driving home, the idea came to mind and within 45 minutes I had 8-9 versions of it.  I ran these ideas past my wife and kids and the winner was selected.

But, launching a new site was difficult.  It is not easy to know exactly what you want to say (and not say).  I researched many different web companies and consultants to get ideas of what my colleagues and competition were doing.  Ultimately, I ended up with a design that reflects my style and would allow me some flexibility.  This blog should allow me to keep the site fresh.  I also opened up the design to give myself more room to work with.

I hope you like the changes!

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